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In the midst of a global physical inactivity pandemic, the good news is that urban settings are a major provider for sport, physical activity and healthy living.
Unfortunately, most municipality employees, policymakers, political figureheads and citizens are unaware of both this potential and the existing elements of their communities. No need to panic, we have designed the PACTE Digital Toolkit exactly for these reasons!

Through the Toolkit, we have provided an interactive tool for every municipality to develop a customised Active City Action Plan to transform itself into an Active City. This easy-to-use check-box tool invites municipalities to assess themselves against proven and successful elements of action, identify which elements are relevant, and ultimately build their own Active City approach. The results are immediately presented as a mind-map that summarises the customised Action Plan for direct action.
We are eager to guide and support municipalities, like yourself, to build their urban environments and fully develop their potential as accessible providers of active and healthy lifestyle for all citizens. For this purpose, the PACTE project has identified four Active Settings where the most effective actions can be targeted: Active City, Active School, Active Mobility, and Active Workplace. Those settings correspond to the places where citizens spend most of their daily lives and can easily be reached. Each Active Setting includes an Active Plan Module which makes up the customised Active City Action Plan. And don´t worry – we have also included, for each setting, various resources, including recommendations, quick wins, good practices and case studies, etc., to assist you as much as possible.
Read further to find out what you can do within your municipality to make your citizens more active!