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Promoting active cities throughout Europe

We are designed to move.

Our cities should be too

235 million. The number of inactive European today.

Sedentarity has become a major challenge for individuals and the European Union over the past decades. With 70% of Europeans living in cities, we know they have a decisive role in stimulating physical activity.

Funded by the European Union and led by Sport and Citizenship Think tank, PACTE+ project (Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe) strives to transform cities into Active Cities.

How active is your city ?
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Drove by her Vision 2040 “A Stockholm for everyone”, the Swedish capital identified multiple targets to be able to deal with the various challenges faced by dense urban areas. With a growing population of 1.6 million people, which should see an increase of 25% by the year 2030, the city has designed several programs and plans of actions, notably to ensure that Stockholm will become a so-called “Walkable city”. An ambition that also belongs to the assessment that “Stockholmers need to be more physically active” as mentioned in the City’s Sport policy programme.

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