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Knowledge and Awareness

Physical Activity Benefits

> Physical Activity Benefits

Undertake research to understand the physical activity behaviours, needs and wants of your citizens

Raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity for the municipality and its citizens among

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Illustrate the role of municipalities in supporting and promoting physical activity initiatives

Physical Activity Levels

> Physical Activity Levels

Measure the physical activity levels of the citizens within your municipality. You may take into account the following categories:

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Set recommendations and/or targets of physical activity levels using national and/or international guidelines

Physical Activity Branding

> Physical Activity Branding

Build an "Active City" brand for your municipality, which may include:

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Develop a communication campaign to promote physical activity participation and motivate citizens to be active

Benchmark other municipalities' approaches

Programmes and Events

Organise and implement physical activity programmes and/or events which engage the main population groups within the municipality:

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Develop an array of programmes and events specifically targeting the most inactive citizens, with a focus on motivation and positive influence for behavioural change

Develop and implement a platform (e.g. online) for citizens to easily understand physical activity opportunities available (e.g. programmes, events, sport clubs, facilities) within the municipality

Remove cost barriers by offering and implementing initiatives to citizens from lower socio-economic backgrounds (e.g. free or discounted physical activities)

Plan the physical activity legacy of any sport event hosted in your municipality

Share experiences and good practices of physical activity with other municipalities and stakeholders (regionally, nationally, and/or internationally)

Become part of a bigger network: join in national/international physical activity initiatives e.g. European Week of Sport, TAFISA World Walking Day, etc.

Spaces and Places

Map existing infrastructures and facilities for physical activity within your municipality and evaluate their current use by citizens, as well as integration in the communities

Plan and develop new facilities and physical activity opportunities. This could include user-friendly (e.g. illuminated, safe and clean):

See possibilities

Ensure access to open space and physical activity infrastructures within walking distance (e.g. 1.5km) for all citizens

Consider physical activity when planning municipality's infrastructure – Design the cityscape to be physical activity friendly

Include citizens in planning physical activity infrastructure (participatory process)

Promote the opening of school sport and club infrastructure outside hours of use

Provide instructors, programmes or events to citizens in open-access sport and physical activity infrastructure

Cooperation and Partnership

Stakeholder Mapping

> Stakeholder Mapping

Map stakeholders who work in the field of physical activity (or a complementary sector) within your municipality and identify what they are doing.

Cross-sectoral Alliances

> Cross-sectoral Alliances

Develop cooperation in the field of physical activity between key departments within the municipality, this may include:

See possibilities

Develop cooperation in the field of physical activity between the municipality and key external stakeholders, which may include:

See possibilities

Develop and implement a cross-sectoral alliance gathering relevant selected municipality departments and external stakeholders to promote physical activity collectively:

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Citizens' Involvement

> Citizens' Involvement

Develop citizens' involvement, in a participatory process, in the creation and implementation of physical activity policies, strategies, actions, and initiatives

Identify local ambassadors (e.g. elite athletes, well-known volunteers, medical professionals, academic specialists, politicians, the media, citizens etc.) for your Active City's strategy and participation in physical activity promotion

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement


> Planning

Develop and implement a municipal policy and strategy for physical activity, which considers the below key success areas:

See possibilities

Adopt an evidence-based approach/support your strategy with data when creating a physical activity policy/strategy and other initiatives within the municipality

Prioritise the delivery of the physical activity policy in the responsibilities of certain key staff

Include physical activity as a defined mandate within the municipality council and appoint a councillor as leader

Identify and allocate resources, when possible, for physical activity initiatives and/or the delivery of the municipality's physical activity policy/strategy

Target resources and initiatives towards those areas/groups where physical inactivity is the most prevalent

Develop and implement an Active Mobility policy and strategy

Develop and implement an Active School policy and strategy

Develop and implement an Active Workplace policy and strategy


> Evaluation

Develop and implement a plan to monitor the effectiveness of – and create, approve, and share Key Performance Indicators to measure - the municipality's physical activity actions and/or potential policy/strategy

Execute monitoring internally with a relevant department of your municipality or in conjunction with a qualified institution (e.g. market research company, university, etc)

Obtain and evaluate feedback constructively and use it to improve future activities

Use evaluation results to showcase how your municipality is a healthier, better, and happier place to live in through the use of KPIs and research

Seek recognition (label, award, etc.) for any good physical activity initiatives/practices within the municipality

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