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Action Plan Active School

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    • Knowledge and Awareness
    • Programmes and Events
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    • Cooperation and Partnership
    • Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Knowledge and Awareness

Inform school principals, teachers, administrators, etc. on the benefits of being an Active School and getting students more active.

Inform school principals, teachers, administrators, etc. on what they can do to get their students more active.

Ensure advocacy measures are in place to highlight the importance of participation in Active School in a society at large. This can include:

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Build an "Active School" brand for your municipality, which may include:

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Engage with sport-friendly decision-makers to promote Active Schools and approach appropriate politicians who share your ethos and use their support to succeed with your plans

Benchmark other municipalities' approaches – share good practices and learn from others

Programmes and Events

Develop an array of programmes and events specifically designed for the school setting (can include activities before, during and after school hours).

Design programmes with a focus on motivation and positive influence for behavioural change.

Cater for the diverse target groups within the school setting

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Support opportunities for students to participate in sport and physical activity inside and outside of school hours. This can include:

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Develop an online platform for your schools to access resources relating to physical activity ideas for the school setting, e.g. toolkits, etc. Why not create a "Starter Kit" to deliver to your schools?

Encourage knowledge and experience sharing and the exchange of good practices within your municipality and also with other municipalities and external stakeholders. This can be done regionally, nationally, and/or internationally.

Encourage schools in your region to become part of a bigger network: join in national/international physical activity initiatives e.g. TAFISA World Challenge Day

Spaces and Places

Ensure that schools within your municipality to sport and physical activity infrastructure

Offer students within your municipality free or discounted access to your local sporting facilities, e.g. gym, swimming pool, pitches, etc.

Encourage the use of the classroom as a place where to engage students to be active.

Promote active mobility (walking, cycling, etc.) to and from school, e.g. Establish a walking bus scheme.

Promote active learning as a solution within the schools of your municipality

Cooperation and Partnership

Promote cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder collaboration in order to develop an integrated Active Schools strategy

Create a network and platform for all relevant stakeholders (kindergarten, schools, universities, sports clubs and your community stakeholders) to discuss, align priorities, define common goals and shared objectives and work together to build a clear plan for success

Ensure your municipality places emphasis on the important role of educational institutions in building links with the community to promote participation within extra-curricular physical activity to support lifelong engagement

Create clear and accessible pathways from school/university to community groups, sport clubs, and other opportunities for physical activity participation

Invite all relevant departments within your municipality to contribute to your Active Schools Action Plan (e.g. Education, Sport, Culture, Health, Transport, etc.).

Work with National stakeholders, school curricula and physical activity plans and guidelines to ensure the delivery of the recommended levels of physical activity at school level.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Develop a clear policy framework for Active Schools and facilitate dialogue between policymakers and practitioners to connect educational and wider societal objectives

Develop and clearly define your Active Schools strategy, including timeline, reporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Engage your Active Schools network, including relevant stakeholders within your municipality, in the planning and monitoring of your Active Schools strategy. Define a common evaluation system.

Set targets of physical activity participation within the school settings according to national/international guidelines. Establish a measurement system.

Employ an 'Active Schools Coordinator' to create and implement sport and physical activity participation opportunities throughout schools in your municipality.

Tailor each approach depending on the needs of – and barriers facing – residents within the geographical location of the school. Work with other departments within your municipality (health, culture, housing, etc.) to ascertain the most deprived and in need areas.

Ensure your municipality approves an appropriate budget to support the provision of Active Schools, as well as associated facilities, equipment and resources, etc.

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