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Active City

So, what is an Active City?

An Active City is a municipality that prioritises physical activity as a solution and enables and supports its citizens to be physically active in their day-to-day lives.
An Active City is a successful and more attractive city with active citizens, living in vibrant and healthy communities!
We know that starting this journey may not seem easy, but we are here to help you to turn your municipality into an Active City. Evidence-based solutions exist which do not require a large budget but have a significant return on investment.
Here are some ways for you to kick start your Active City approach. And do not forget to use our Modules to build your tailored Active City Action!

Active CITY
Active CITY

Active CITY Action plan

The Active City Action Plan has been designed to help you develop your own strategy towards more physical activity, based on a set of evidence-based elements that have proven to deliver concrete results.

How does it work?
This easy to use check-box matrix can be fully completed here.

In addition, each section of the PACTE Matrix for Change contains a variety of modules for you to explore, which enable you to acquire as much knowledge from our resources, as you need.

Quite simply, you’re invited to tick the boxes you believe to be the most relevant to your municipality, or that you wish to tackle as a priority of physical activity promotion, before finally submitting your entries. This can be done in one go, or at your own pace through the dedicated modules placed in the pages highlighted above. It’s up to you to decide if you want a full assessment or a focus on specific topics. It will then be up to you to take action and make a positive difference for your citizens.

Are you ready?


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