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Located in the South of The Netherlands, Rotterdam is mainly known for its seaport, the largest one in Europe.

2020, April 15th


The city was almost completely rebuilt after the 1940 bombings, which is why the architecture is more modern compared to the other major cities of Holland. Another popular characteristic of the city is, in fact, its architecture: squared houses, the peculiar building of the Central Station, the elegant bridge Erasmusrug, skyscrapers, The Markthal and many more. Typical of the Netherlands, Rotterdam also has a strong cycling culture, with 475 kilometers of cycle paths. Last but not least, sport also plays an important role for the citizens of Rotterdam, which like to define their city as Sportstad (City of Sports).


The most popular mean of transport chosen by Rotterdam’s citizens and tourists is undoubtedly the bike. Not only it is easier to move around and to go in every direction, but the cycle lanes system is strategically designed to reach every part of the city (and its surroundings) in the easiest way. And while biking around, it is possible to admire the architecture of the city, be windswept along the water, discover the port of Rotterdam or enjoy nature in the parks and outdoor areas. Moreover, the city offers several free bicycle parking areas where it is also possible charge electric bikes.

Rotterdam was also the first Dutch city to build the subway, which has now reached a total of 5 lines. within addition to the Metro, the city has also a well-functioning tram and bus system. The two means of transport allow citizens to have plenty of choices to reach all the corners of Rotterdam.


As previously mentioned, Rotterdam calls itself Sportstad (City of Sports). Besides football – with Feyenoord and Sparta as the main clubs – the city annually organises several world-renowned sporting events. Some examples are the Rotterdam Marathon, the World Port Tournament, and the Rotterdam World Tennis Tournament ATP. Rotterdam also organises one race of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship and the car racing event Monaco aan de Maas Education.

A strength of the city is undoubtedly its sustainability. Not only is Rotterdam the greenest city of the Netherlands, with its large parks and green areas; the city is also committed to diminishing pollution and encourages its citizens to proactively take part in some initiatives themselves, which all work towards sustainability. On the website of the city – – it is in fact possible for anyone to propose ideas to make their neighborhoods safer, cleaner, greener.

In Rotterdam – and in The Netherlands in general – it is common to see electric cars driving around. As a consequence, the city has successfully placed several e-charging stations for electric vehicles. Moreover, as of January 2020, Rotterdam has established an environmental zone that encourages municipal electric vehicles.

Art, architecture, sport, music, canals, sustainability, night-life: growing up or living in Rotterdam sure has its perks.

Active Workplaces

Encouraging employees and students to reach their workplaces and school campuses via bike or public transport is most definitely the first step to allow them to live a healthy and active life within their daily routine. Moreover, given the number of parks and green areas all over the city, it is common to see people running or jogging around town at all times of day. And if the typical rainy weather of the country scares runners away, Rotterdam offers a wide choice of indoor sport halls, gyms, sports clubs and so on!

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