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PACTE+ Project's Inaugural Workshop in Limerick, Ireland

Active Governance

Active governance is an essential pillar in making a city, an active city.

PACTE+ Project’s Inaugural Workshop in Limerick, Ireland: Exploring Active Governance

The first workshop of the PACTE+ Project took place in Limerick, Ireland, on September 13th and 14th 2023. The central theme of this workshop was “Active Governance,” providing an opportunity for partner cities to exchange knowledge, experiences, and examples of good practice across different cultural contexts.

Representatives from partner cities including Limerick, Graz, and Fredrikstad attended the event alongside project partners Evaleo, Sport & Citizenship, the European Cycling Federation, and the European Federation for Company Sport. The workshop was also hosted live on Zoom and attended remotely by several other European partner agencies.

Over the course of 2 days, the workshop primarily focused on Ireland’s “National Approach to Active Cities.” Additionally, Fredrikstad and Graz showcased their respective approaches to Active Governance in their countries.

On Day 1, we delved into pivotal concepts within the context of the PACTE+ Project, including the TAFISA Matrix for Change, Global Active Cities Certification, and the diverse approaches taken by European cities towards fostering active communities.

The Irish perspective was marked by a strong emphasis on inter-agency partnership and collaboration. We heard from speakers representing key organizations such as Sport Ireland, Cork Sports Partnership, the University of Bristol, Active Cities Limerick, Slaintecare Healthy Communities, and the Public Participation Network, all of whom shared valuable insights and experiences.

Additionally, we gained some important insights from the cities of Fredrikstad and Graz. These cities provided fascinating glimpses into their respective journeys towards achieving Global Active Cities certification, offering valuable lessons about both their successes and the challenges they encountered along the way.

On Day 2, focus shifted to the pivotal role of local authorities in promoting physical activity as a central element of urban planning and placemaking. In this session, representatives from Limerick Regeneration, Active Travel, Limerick City & County Council, and European Projects Office presented their perspectives and expertise on this topic, highlighting the importance of placing physical activity at the heart of sustainable urban development in Limerick.

In summary, the PACTE+ Project’s inaugural workshop provided a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration aimed at promoting active and inclusive communities. Stay updated for more information as we continue our journey towards enhancing governance and fostering healthier cities.

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