Motiv’Air, a tool for local authorities - Pacte ProjectMotiv’Air, a tool for local authorities - Pacte Project

Motiv’Air, a tool for local authorities

Motiv’Air is a tool for evaluating the impact of local policies to encourage active means of displacement (walking and cycling). Its development was funded by ADEME within the framework of a call for AACT-AIR projects .

2019, March 28th

Motiv’Air, a tool for local authorities

Corinne Praznoczy, Director of the national observatory of physical activity and sedentarity

The Motiv’Air tool was developed by French teams based on numerous pieces of research. Two local authorities were involved in its elaboration (Chambéry Metropole and Montreuil), ensuring that the needs of those on the ground were met.

To carry out an evaluation, users must first set objectives for increasing the number of displacements by cycling and walking in the area. They can then enter any available local data on movements, accidents and air pollution, or they can use data provided by Motiv’Air. The advantage of this tool is that it supplies the latest available data for the different calculations, to a very precise geographical level (Figure 1).

Using the different data, Motiv’Air assesses the health benefits and risks of walking and cycling (physical activity, exposure to pollution, road accidents – Figure 2), and also the environmental benefits (reduced emissions of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases) and proposes an economic evaluation (savings and costs) of the results (Figure 3).

Motiv’Air has been available since March 2018.

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