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2019, June 12th


In 2015, the municipality of Angers consulted several local stakeholders in sports and established a five-year action plan entitled "Angers Sport 2020" aiming to promote all kind of physical activities for people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.


One of the major focus of the Projet de Territoire 2016-2030 led by Angers Loire Métropole is on energy-efficient travel modes, promoting soft modes of transport and public transport by developing a cycle network and extending the tramway network.


The first action line of Angers Sport 2020 is about promoting sports for every citizen in Angers. This pillar consists of improving accessibility to clubs (participation rate, diversity, inclusion), offering infrastructures in every neighborhood, developing places for autonomous practices and renovating public services in order to be more welcoming, attractive and innovative, responding to popular demand.
By 2020, the city of Angers will invest € 2.4 million in partnership with the Council of Europe and the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire to achieve the “boucles vertes”. This project aims to develop more cycle paths out of town in a greener environment to promote cycling tours for tourists and residents.


One of the other crucial focus of Angers Sport 2020 is on education. The city is trying to strengthen the educational role of sport in the community. To do so, clubs are incited to join any action set up by the city; they are also invited to become important actors of educational success programs for young people facing difficulties. Finally, Angers Sport 2020 encourages clubs to create their own actions with an educational dimension. These approaches are dedicated to strengthening the educational, civic and social vocation of sport. Other approaches are aimed at consolidating the role of sport in the local education project, by improving extracurricular activities and fostering the intervention of socio-sports mediators for example.


One of the dimensions of Angers Sport 2020 aims to increase physical activities at work, helping companies, along universities and associations, to be more active. The action plan will support projects in partnership to foster access to physical activities at work.

The following table seeks to bring forth some of the key elements of Anger’s current transformation to enhance its residents well-being.

The table is non-exhaustive and strives to offer a more concrete idea of how to become an Active City.

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